In recent months there were some scam cases implicate Binamandiri to collaborate with overseas agent, by imposing as Binamandiri Branch Offices in Indonesia.

Due to the above matter, we would like to inform to the public that Binamandiri DOES NOT HAVE any branch office and/or individual anywhere else outside Malang City in Indonesia, who claim as Binamandiri’s representative who has the authority to collaborate with overseas agency, BESIDE the board of directors at Head Office in Malang, which can be seen in Binamandiri site. The correspondent address between Binamandiri and overseas agency ONLY using the address in Binamandiri’s Business License, Jalan Kartini No.19-A Malang-Indonesia 65111, Phone +62 (341) 323990, Fax +62 (341) 366566, account@binamandiri.com. All correspondent emails are using corporate email and not any commercial-free email such as Yahoo Email

Any contacts outside the above Correspondence Information are considered imposter. Binamandiri does not be responsible for any loss caused by misleading from Binamandiri’s imposter. All fraud cases will be reported to the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration for further criminal prosecution. For any information please refers to our website

Friday, December 2, 2011

Binamandiri awarded by Governor of East Java

Taking place at DBL Arena - Surabaya, Binamandiri along with 9 others Indonesian Employment Agencies received Special award from Governor of East Java as the best Indonesian Employment Agencies in Corporate Management

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Business Uncertain from Muhaimin

Today, 30 November 2011, is the expired day of Binamandiri’s license and so 560s other Indonesian employment agencies. Until 04.00 o’clock this afternoon there isn’t any confirmation from Directorate General of Manpower Development and Placement (Binapenta) Indonesian Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration regarding the issued of the extension license for 560 Indonesian Employment Agencies (IEA).
It has been 7 months since Binamandiri submitted the extension license application to Binapenta as it was instructed to all IEA with formal letter to submit the application before end of April 2011 and all documents application must be completed before end of June 2011.
Binapenta conducted physical evaluation and audit visit based on the submitted documents to each of the IEA from September to October 2011.
So it has been two months since the visit, but no news or information about the new license being issued. For business people, certainly it just shows how poor the bureaucracy inside Binapenta despite the reform bureaucracy campaign led by vice president. Binapenta just add more uncertainty to Manpower Business in Indonesia where nowadays Manpower business is quite in mess and saturated as the government never takes this business seriously to be handled despite 60 trilliun remittance received by this great nation from Indonesian workers overseas.
Rumors said that Binapenta would like to increase the guarantee deposit of IEA from 500 million rupiah to 5 billion rupiah,  in order to eliminate hit and run businessman. If the measurement really applied, Indonesian Government shows its ignorance and selfishness. There is no time for IEA to think over, the options are only pay 5 billions or out of the game.
Binapenta should be prepared and informed towards IEA with enough time so that IEA could consider whether it is feasible to extend their license. It should be announce one to two years before, the license is expired.
5 billions Rupiah is considered a lot of money just only to be as a guarantee money without any chances to be invested. It is more profitable to use 5 billions Rupiah for investment and gain more profit than 4-5% a month from Bank interest else Indonesia Government currently only guarantee 2 billions for each saving or deposit. It seems Binapenta hasn't think long term if economy crisis hits Indonesia again such 1997 and banking system has to be liquidate, who will cover for the rest of 3 billions Rupiah ? Will Binapenta or Ministry office cover and guarantee it ?

Anyway, it still a hot rumors although some national TVs already informed it on their running text, but one thing is certain, that tomorrow 1 December 2011, 560s Indonesia Employment Agency including Binamandiri, will have no legal document to conduct its business, and the cloud seems very tight to know when there is a certainty from Government.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Entrepreneur Seminar for Indonesian Workers in Hong Kong

As part of Binamandiri Social Responsibility Program, incorporate with Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong, Binamandiri organize an entrepreneurship seminar "Cara Cerdas Menjadi Pengusaha" for Indonesian Domestic Helper in Hong Kong. The Seminar was carried out by Entrepreneur Campus, a small-medium Indonesian community, who has a big concern to spawn more small-medium entrepreneur for Indonesia where currently there are only 3% out from 250 million Indonesian are controling the money as an entrepreneur.
Acting Consul, Mr. Hari Budianto was very pleased with the event, and he has a big hope that 147.000 Domestic Helpers could return to Indonesia, start new business and recruit their villagers to work, instead of renewing their contract every 2 years, which bring alot of social problems both in Indonesia and Hong Kong.
The seminar will be followed with 8 sessions intensive courses for the prospective Entrepreneur Candidates with their family, and it will be supervised until they can be an success entrepreneur.
Binamandiri's big objective is to make 7500 Indonesian domestic workers in 4 years ahead to return to Indonesia and set up new business that creates jobs for their villagers.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can I work in Australia ?

It’s true: There are well-paid jobs available for East Java workers in Western Australia.

But there are three big catches:
  1. If you’re not properly qualified and experienced in a trade and with genuine documents to prove your skills – forget it!
  2. And don’t bother applying unless you have a reasonable level of English – or are prepared to improve your language skills.
  3. You’re competing against determined and clever workers from the Philippines, Korea and elsewhere.
What sort of jobs?

Semi skilled trades people. Check the list end of the page.

What sort of skills?

• Minimum Graduate of a SMK with good marks in your selected trade.
• At least three years working full-time.
• Fit and willing to work hard for long hours.
• Proper certificates and good references from your bosses.
• No criminal record.
• A clean driving licence.
• Good computer and Internet skills.

Can women and men apply?


What about age?

Between 25 and 45,

What sort of money can I earn?

About AUD 50,000/year (Rp 37 million / month). Higher levels are paid for skilled and experienced workers in specialised areas, like gas pipe welding – lower wages for cleaners and painters.

Are there deductions?

Yes. You have to pay tax and may also have to pay for accommodation and food – depending on the job and location. Taxes are high – about Rp 6.5 million / month and living costs expensive.

Are these permanent positions?


Can I use the RMA scheme to become an Australian permanent resident?


Where’s the work?

Most jobs will be in mines and mining communities under construction far from cities, in arid areas that are extremely hot. The agents are concentrating on work in Western Australia, which has a Sister-State agreement with East Java.

If I don’t like the job or the location, can I move to a city?

No. If you leave your job you will have to leave Australia.

Can my wife or husband come with me?

No – unless they also have a job.

How long will I be away from home?

We are hoping to start a Fly-In, Fly Out (FIFO) system so workers can return to their families in East Java once a month.

Will I have to take courses and tests?

Yes. Unless you have good English skills you will have to attend and pay for intensive language courses. Medical examinations, police clearances and other checks are required. Your employer will pay for other costs.

How much?

That depends on how job-ready you are. For example, someone who has good English skills and has worked overseas will have to pay less than someone who needs extra training. You will be told the fees once you are assessed.

Suppose I don’t have enough money?

Binamandiri has organised for KUR TKI with BRI to lend money to genuine workers.

Is this a new scheme?

Yes. In 2011 the Australian Government announced a new temporary worker scheme for skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers. It’s called the Regional Migration Agreement (RMA).

What’s the reason?

The Australian economy is booming, creating big labour shortages specifically in remote areas.

How do I know this is genuine?

Get independent advice. Make your own enquiries by contacting an authority like the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, the Western Australian Government’s Trade Office in Jakarta, the Australian Indonesian Business Council or the East Java Governor’s Office.

Who are the agents?

PT Binamandiri in Malang and SBS Ltd, run by Australian Duncan Graham and Erlinawati Graham, have joined to provide agency services.

I’ve worked in lots of jobs. I’m a skilled all-rounder. I’m young, smart and work hard. However I don’t have formal qualifications. Am I eligible?


OK, I’ll get someone to write me some qualifications.

If you use false or forged documents you will be banned from entering Australia.

Why is English important? I know enough to do my job.

A good level of English is necessary to thoroughly understand instructions and health and safety issues in the workplace.

When I get to Australia, will anyone be able to help me if I have difficulties?

Yes. You’ll get special training in cultural issues before you leave Indonesia. Once you get to Australia pastoral care advisers will be available.

Do Australians discriminate against Asians?

Racial discrimination is illegal in Australia. It is also illegal for bosses to cheat you, like paying lower wages.

Suppose I have a dispute with my boss?

Australian law protects workers and SBS will help you with any problems provided you have been honest and not broken the law.

  • Welders
  • Carpenters
  • Air-conditioning fitters
  • Scaffolders
  • Steel fabricators
  • High voltage electricians
  • Auto electricians
  • Telecommunication technicians
  • Electronic technicians
  • Motor vehicle mechanics
  • Diesel mechanics
  • Fitters
  • Plumbers
  • Heavy equipment mechanics
  • Heavy equipment operators

Other jobs are likely to be listed, so contact the agents for updates. You must use English and the Internet to communicate. E-mail recruitment@binamandiri.com

Friday, September 16, 2011

Binamandiri goes to Europe !!!

Binamandiri has set up new benchmark in placement business by placing SPA Therapist to Slovak Republic - East Europe.  Three successful candidates, Dika, Komang and Kadek have been deployed to Therma Hotel as SPA Therapist on 12 September 2011.
It is considered a break trough for Binamandiri to penetrate Europe Market especially with recent crisis hits Europe. From East Java, Binamandiri is proud to claim as pioneer to send workers to Europe, and probably we can also claim as the only Recruitment Company in Indonesia who manages to get Job Order from Europe.
We are looking forward to expand our placement country to more countries in the future