In recent months there were some scam cases implicate Binamandiri to collaborate with overseas agent, by imposing as Binamandiri Branch Offices in Indonesia.

Due to the above matter, we would like to inform to the public that Binamandiri DOES NOT HAVE any branch office and/or individual anywhere else outside Malang City in Indonesia, who claim as Binamandiri’s representative who has the authority to collaborate with overseas agency, BESIDE the board of directors at Head Office in Malang, which can be seen in Binamandiri site. The correspondent address between Binamandiri and overseas agency ONLY using the address in Binamandiri’s Business License, Jalan Kartini No.19-A Malang-Indonesia 65111, Phone +62 (341) 323990, Fax +62 (341) 366566, account@binamandiri.com. All correspondent emails are using corporate email and not any commercial-free email such as Yahoo Email

Any contacts outside the above Correspondence Information are considered imposter. Binamandiri does not be responsible for any loss caused by misleading from Binamandiri’s imposter. All fraud cases will be reported to the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration for further criminal prosecution. For any information please refers to our website

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Canada@Binamandiri LAUNCHED !!

Started New Year Eve 2009, Binamandiri has launched its new subdomain site :

It is Binamandiri first milestone in 2009, to explore new placement country for Indonesia, CANADA. Binamandiri considers that Canada will be vast market for Indonesia skilled worker in the future and it is require special site to provide clear and comprehensive information about procedure, selection and all information necessary including updated job opportunity in Canada for prospective candidates. It is also content General Q and A about working in Canada, if you can't find any information you looking for about Canada, send us an email we will respond you promptly.

Bienveneu au Canada@Binamandiri

Lowongan Caregiver di Kanada

Dibutuhkan 20 Caregiver (Nanny/Babysitter) orang untuk Penempatan ke Kanada dengan masa kontrak 2 (dua) Tahun.

dengan Kualifikasi :
Jenis Kelamin : Wanita / Laki-Laki
Umur : 21 - 45 tahun
Lokasi : Toronto - Kanada
Ketrampilan Lain :
 Memiliki sertifikat CPR dan P3K
Gaji : CAD 1800/bulan* (gaji kotor)
Akomodasi : Disediakan
Makan : Disediakan

Informasi lebih lanjut mengenai :
  • Biaya
  • Prosedur Penempatan
  • Seleksi

Batas Akhir : 31 Januari 2009

Info Lebih Lanjut : america.division@binamandiri.com 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Binamandiri Signed Exclusive JV with Kiwi

Since 5 June 2008, Binamandiri has opened placement opportunity to New Zealand. And It became the pioneer for Indonesia under ordinance Number 39/2004 to place Indonesia workers to New Zealand with 5 workers as pilot project.

The evaluation given by NZ employers and agency, a month after placement on 25 July 2008, gave remarkable result, and over Binamandiri’s expectation that Kiwis give big appreciation towards Indonesia workers for having good skill, attitude, tolerance, and work ethic although English need more improvement. Overall Indonesia is still far better than Filipino, the biggest competitor in global manpower industry.

Since then, Kiwi has changed its orientation preferable towards Indonesian rather than Filipino to overcome manpower shortage. To secure the supply and demand of Indonesia workers placement, on 30 December 2008, Binamandiri has signed EXCLUSIVE JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT with Indonesian Labour Supplier Ltd (ILS) and ATRFegan, respective Manpower Recruitment Agencies in NZ.
The JV will make sure for minimum 35 work placement for Indonesia workers in Dairy Industry for 2009 and both agencies will try to enlarge the work sector placement to others various Industries i.e. larger sectors in Agriculture and Viticulture Industry, Health Industry, Hospitality Industry, Construction Industry and Tradespersons.

The JV is also made to anticipate Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Indonesia and New Zealand, which currently discussed between governments, among the resolution agreements is to provide Job Opportunity for Indonesian in NZ (see related News at the end of article). Binamandiri, ILS and ATRFegan are actively correspondent and discussed with both government key persons on FTA, to contribute suggestions, ideas; so that when the FTA inked by Governments, Binamandiri, ILS and ATRFegan are ready to accommodate and make the FTA success

A big appreciation for ILS and ATRFegan for the trust towards Binamandiri on the Joint Venture, and it will be big challenge for Binamandiri and obviously for Indonesia, to maintain quality of Indonesia workers to NZ, so that the demand can be increased by years from Kiwi. It is an Excellent Gift for Binamandiri at the end of 2008, and hopefully 2009 will be more prosperous for all of us. Happy New Year 2009.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eid Adha and Islamic New Year Thankgiving

24 December 2008 - Binamandiri Training Center

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Minister VS Head of BNP2TKI

Previously it was just public secret that there were conflicts between Minister of Department of Manpower and Transmigration, Mr. Erman Suparno and Head of Board National of Placement and Protection Indonesia Workers Overseas (BNP2TKI), Mr. Jumhur Hidayat. I ever spoke with the staff from BNP2TKI last August 2008, about many incidents between 2 institutions ( I couldn’t write them, because it was never been published publicly and no legal statement from both institutions), and she said that all disputes had been solve by President SBY and all authorities referring to Technical and Operational are BNP2TKI responsibility.

Unfortunately it just on spoken, Now It becomes public known as it has been published by National Media, such Jawa Pos that I read this morning and also Detik.com (see related news at the end of the article). The Minister criticized that there isn’t any representatives from BNP2TKI on very urgent National Coordination Meeting which invite all stakeholders while far away in Jordan-Middle East, Mr. Jumhur claimed that his institution never been invited or informed such meeting.
The Minister also criticized about BNP2TKI Budget that has been increased 500% since last year and again it was denied from Jordan by Mr. Jumhur that his institution only used 90% of the budget and never requested any 500% increased.

BNP2TKI was originated from Directorate General of Placement and Protection Indonesia Workers Overseas, part of Department of Manpower and Transmigration (Depnakertrans). Even most of BNP2TKI staff was from Depnakertrans, and they were friends and colleagues but now it seems they against each others. It was because the new Ordinance No.39/2004, the Directorate General was extorted out from Depnaker and becomes new Institutions directly under President and have the same level with Minister. The idea of BNP2TKI was to copy Philippines’s POEA, a super body that have the authorities to coordinates with 18 Government institutions/departments (a very big and complicated matter to be coordinated, just show how RUWET is Indonesia), even the Deputies are selected from various departments such as Foreign Affairs Department, Police HQ, etc. Unfortunately BNP2TKI, it just Technical, Operational and Coordination Body, while the policy maker related to Overseas Placement is still in Minister’s hand. It is just like a Soldier who is going to war, but without any weapons and tanks, only microphone to coordinate, while someone else has the decision on using the weapons.

Probably the minister is not really agreed or sincere to had part of his authorities previously, now become independent and directly under president. Public said everything in Indonesia is always about money, lost part of the income, and not entirely about authorities.
Probably also because Minister has different political background with Head of BNP2TKI, where two institutions have the same interest but they came from different parties, so rivalry comes first rather than good cooperation. 
That’s what happened if the President has to accommodate all friends and political parties who supported him on previous election, not professionalism but just chaos.

Who’s to blame? Surely the people who makes the ordinance, the legislative, the previous minister who made the grand design or probably the President who cannot settle the competition, or maybe Manpower Agencies who becomes big supporters on each sides, so not problem solving just make everything worst. it seems all stakeholders have they own sin.

But the big implication is on the grass root. Indonesia Manpower agencies, such Binamandiri, Regional Authorities and especially Indonesia workers, become very confused and create horizontal conflicts on whom to be followed where both institution claimed to be the righteous one. They all just confused, don’t know how to act properly and just be lucky to become good spectators.

The government (any part of the government who wants to be a hero nowadays) said fr several times since a year ago, they will amend the ordinance to sort out many problems that occurs with the application of the ordinance. It just lip services, not a single proposal has been discuss about the amendment, and won’t be in this short time either where all stakeholders are busy for the General Election in 2009, and Indonesia workers still suffer with uncertainty.

Placement of Indonesia workers to overseas has brought income to this republic 160 trillion Rupiah, and the second biggest income after oil and gas. It just so SAD that currently, in 2008, the placement of Indonesia workers has been decreased 20% compare with 2007 placement because various reason, but the institutions who responsible, are busy fighting each others rather than to cooperate together and find the solution to boost the placement.

So SAD…..

Related News :

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Business Trip Log - Australia

16 - 20 December 2008

After 15 hours flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong, transit 4 hours in Hong Kong, finally I arrived in Melbourne with 9 hours flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne. It is exhausted trip for total 28 hours, where the business trip continued from Canada to Australia.
First trip in Australia was Melbourne. Unfortunately, it was started with unpleasant situation where my check-in luggage were left behind at Hong Kong Airport because the clumsiness of Cathay Transfer desk staff.
Anyway, I arrived in Melbourne on Monday, 15 December 2008 at 3 in the afternoon. The arrangement in Melbourne was to visit my friends who work in Migration agents. First meeting was on 16 December 2008 morning at 10, I met with Andrew Cope of FCG Legal Pty. Ltd. who specialized in Migration lawyer and his agency focusing on arranging all paperwork for company staff from overseas. I received much new and useful information about bringing people from overseas to Australia. It was pleasant meeting with him, where he explained briefly and very comprehensive.
Next meeting was at 2 in the afternoon with Mr. Abdul Rachim of APMECS over lunch at Es Teler 77 Restaurant in Melbourne. Mr. Abdul Rachim is an Indonesian who also specializes in migration agent where he often helped Unfortunate Indonesians who end up in Australia after being rip off by institution/personal by offering working in Australia with ridiculous fee. Binamandiri received big support from him, and he will look for good demand from respective and prospective employer so that Indonesian can work legally in Australia with appropriate agent, such Binamandiri and not always being the victims of irresponsible institution/person.

It was very short trip to Melbourne, only 2 days and my trip to Australia continue to Perth next morning 17 December 2008 with Qantas. It was approximately four hours by plane before I can reach Perth airport, this time with complete check-in baggages.
Arrived in Perth Domestic Airport at 12.00, my first meeting already awaited in Perth City Center. It was with Graham Hornel of Questbay Migration Services and we had meeting in Criterion Perth Hotel. He is a very excellent guy, humorist but straight forward person. He is very Indonesianist where he spent many years in Indonesia, and have good Bahasa Indonesia. Graham explained to me about the condition in Australia especially with Western Australia. Graham Hornel gave prospective demand for Binamandiri to place up to 20 boilermakers and Restaurant Manager for February 2009, where hopefully the economy will be better than 2008. It was very friendly and full of laugh meeting. Thanks Graham !!.

Next day 18 December 2008, I filled the meeting with Indonesia Consulate General in Perth, where Economic Consular, Mr. Iwa Mulyana has been very supportive with Binamandiri. Mr. Andi Ahmad Bastari, acting Consulate General and Mr. Iwa gave big appreciation for Binamandiri visit to Indonesia Consulate. Mr. Iwa claimed that there are many Indonesia manpower companies have place several workers to Australia, unfortunately they never give any report to Consulate. I explained to Mr. Iwa, that probably they are illegal agencies, because from Binamandiri acknowledgement, there isn’t any Indonesia Manpower Company who manage to place worker legally, because based on the recapitulation until November 2008 made by BNP2TKI there are no workers been placed to Australia and if the worker were placed by legal Manpower Company, surely the company will submit the report to various related institutions including Department of Foreign Affair and Indonesia Consulate in Perth. Probably those workers that assume had been placed by Manpower Company, was placed illegally with out working visa.
Anyway, Mr. Iwa propose other prospective agencies in Perth to be followed, unfortunately because it was very short notice and will face Christmas soon, Binamandiri was unable to set meeting, but good respond has been made by those agencies by emails and they are looking forward to cooperate with Binamandiri.

My business meeting trip still continued, with Western Australia Government, and it was organized by Martin Newbery from WA Trade office in Jakarta. It was Dylan Lipinski, Martin’s staff in WA Trade office in Perth who made the appointment with Mr. Bruno Delfante of Small Business Development Center (SBDC). SBDC is a state government technical institution where its main duty is to promote business and investment and also makes market intelegence for demand of overseas worker to coup with the economy boost. It also has a duty to link and match information of demand of workers and supply of workers. A very interesting meeting with Mr. Bruno, where he gave new and attractive information about working in Westren Australia. There are approximately 150 occupation list from total ASCO, which currently in critical shortage and the largest among other states. Under critical shortage, a person who has the appropriate skill, can directly work in WA although no work arrangement has been made, they can look for the job upon their arrival in WA.

Next day, 19 December 2008, it was meeting with David Edward of AIBC (Australian-Indonesia Business Council). I apologized that I missed AIBC Dinner meeting last 28 November 2008, where I was supposed to have business meeting with prospective agencies which had been arranged by him. Actually I was a very good chance which will never come twice, it just because Indonesia Manpower and Transmigration Department who stall my passport and visa, just such ignorance bureaucrats, who ruin a very good business deal.
David Edward is very polite and nice gentleman, and he was previously worked as Chairman of WA Trade Office in Surabaya.I think Indonesia should be grateful to be liaised with excellent WA Trade officers such as David Edward, Ross Taylor and the current chairman Martin Newbery.
Anyway David will promote Binamandiri to prospective WA Agencies, and also will publish Binamandiri’s Newsletter so that Indonesia workers can be well known and especially Binamandiri as one of the Indonesia Manpower Agency. The rest of the day after the meeting, I just filled by looking around Perth to understand better about the city, people, culture and custom, because my next and last meeting won’t be until tomorrow morning.

20 December 2008, My final day for 3 weeks business trip and it was filled with business meeting with Greg Holmsen, the current CEO of Offshore Solution Staff International (OSS). Actually meeting with OSS was the crucial part, where Binamandiri wants to re-establish cooperation that previously was dead in the water because of the changing management on OSS and acquisition by other company, and also because East Java government in this case Department of Manpower was too deeply involved in the placement procedure and made OSS back off from the MOU.
It was accommodative meeting with Greg, but Binamandiri need more effort to promote Indonesian Skill workers to OSS, where they are already comfort with Filipino and all the facilities they have. Although Indonesian have better skilled than Filipino, but the current establishment with Filipino and the economy slow down, made them need more time and reason to develop OSS business to Indonesia again. Big effort from all stake holders are required if Indonesia want to be more recognized. Well, I appreciate Greg’s busy time after he returned from Manila, he still managed  his  time to have meeting with Binamandiri during weekend. Hopefully in the future Binamandiri can cooperate with OSS when the economy boost again.

My last day in Perth was closed with dinner meeting @Korean Restauran downtown Perth with my friend,  Wisnu's Family, whose mother is taking Master Degree in Perth.

Perth, closing Binamandiri business trip to 4 continents and 7 cities, although on my 8 hours transit in Hong Kong before arriving back to Indonesia, I still had another meeting with Niaga Finance Company in Hong Kong to discuss loan scheme for placement to Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008


Termasuk dalam negara berkategori maju terletak di sebelah utara benua Amerika. Kanada diapit oleh Negara Amerika Serikat dan Kutub Utara, dan terletak pada kawasan ber-iklim Sub-Artik dengan 4 musim. Suhu udara rata-rata relatif dingin bagi orang Indonesia, pada kawasan tertentu di musim dingin dapat mencapai suhu minus 50 derajat celcius, di kota-kota besar di Kanada suhu berkisar antara minus 20 derajat celcius di musim dingin dan 30 derajat celcius di musim panas. Rata-rata matahari bersinar hanya selama 3 bulan saja.
Luas wilayah Kanada sama dengan luas daratan plus lautan Indonesia, dengan lebar juga sama dengan Indonesia, dari Sabang sampai Merauke dengan sebagian besar wilayah merupakan tundra.

Kanada merupakan negara yang termasuk Promising Country bagi TKI, selain Australia, New Zealand, Amerika dan negara-negara di Eropa, yang banyak diharapkan oleh para TKI agar dapat bekerja dan mencari penghidupan lebih baik. Dengan luas wilayah seluas Indonesia, termasuk lautannya, Kanada hanya berpenduduk tidak lebih dari 35 juta orang dengan tingkat pertumbuhan penduduk 5,4% yang sebagian besar dari imigran, dan hanya kurang 1% dari angka kelahiran, sehingga sangat dibutuhkan masuknya imigran baru termasuk dari Indonesia untuk menjalankan roda perekonomian. Total populasi tersebut tersebar di 13 propinsi dan wilayah, dengan kota terbesar, yang juga kota ekonomi adalah Toronto dengan penduduk 5juta orang (dibandingkan Jakarta yang 12 juta orang), berturut-turut adalah Montreal, Vancouver dan Ottawa yang merupakan Ibukota dari Kanada. Selain kota tersebut masih ada banyak kota lain, yaitu Calgary, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Halifax dan lain sebagainya.
Dari total jumlah imigran, terbesar adalah dominasi orang Eropa (Inggris dan Perancis) dan Cina baik dari Daratan (terbesar), Hong Kong dan Taiwan, selanjutnya India dan Filipina, sebagian besar mereka masuk melalui jalur Tenaga Kerja, dan terakhir adalah Korea dan Jepang. Dikarenakan banyak imigran dari Eropa yaitu Inggris dan Perancis, Kanada menggunakan sistem bi-lingual dalam kesehariannya, yaitu bahasa Inggris dan Perancis.

Dengan kurangnya akan tenaga kerja, sejak tahun 2006, Pemerintah Federal Kanada membuka keran masuknya imigran untuk tenaga kerja melalui Skema Foreign Temporary Workers (FTW) untuk hampir seluruh sektor industri, selain sebelumnya ada melalui Skema Industri Kesehatan (Dokter dan Perawat) dan Skema Live-in Caregiver.
Secara umum prosedur pengajuan untuk mendapatkan rekomendasi mempekerjakan orang asing untuk semua sektor, terlebih dahulu pihak Pengguna mengajukan permohonan LMO (Labour Market Opinion) kepada HRSDC (semacam disnaker propinsi) sebagai persyaratan pengajuan visa di Kedutaan Kanada bagi Tenaga Kerja Asing yang masuk nantinya. LMO ini akan dipertimbangkan dari berbagai hal oleh HRSDC dengan berbagai stakeholder yang berkepentingan, antara lain tingkat penggangguran setempat, adanya kaum etnis Indian, tingkat kepentingannya, dan lain-lain, sehingga membutuhkan waktu relatif lama, yaitu minimal 6 minggu.
Akan lebih cepat dan mudah untuk tenaga medis dan Live-in Caregiver dimana kebutuhan akan tenaga kerja tersebut sangat luar biasa, hingga pemerintah Kanada juga memberikan paket kemudahan Permanent Resident untuk menarik masuknya tenaga medis dan Live-in Caregiver tersebut.

Gaji yang akan diterima sangat bervariasi tergantung dari UMR di wilayah tersebut, sebagai gambaran, bekerja di Toronto akan mendapatkan gaji berkisar CAD 10/jam sedangkan di wilayah seperti Saskatoon dapat mencapai CAD 15/jam karena wilayahnya yang tidak seramai dan senyaman Toronto. Tetapi tetap perlu menjadi pertimbangan adanya Pajak sebesar hampir 30%, dan kewajiban memenuhi akomodasi dan makan untuk kebutuhan sehari-hari. Kurang lebih gaji bersih yang bisa diterima berkisar antara 40% - 60% dari Gaji Kotor.

Secara garis besar, persyaratan utama adalah memiliki pendidikan minimal setara dengan 12 tahun pendidikan formal (SMA), Pengalaman Kerja dibidangnya minimal 2 (dua) tahun dan kemampuan bahasa inggris terutama dalam hal komunikasi. Semakin tinggi interaksinya dengan orang, semakin tinggi kemampuan bahasa inggris yang dipersyaratkan. Live-in Caregiver akan diminta persyaratan komunikasi bahasa inggris yang bagus dikarenakan akan berinteraksi dengan anak atau orang tua yang akan dirawat dibandingkan dengan Sopir atau Tukang Kayu atau Tukang Ledeng. Yang termasuk kategori dengan persyaratan bahasa inggris yang bagus adalah Pelayan, dan Resepsionis. Tidak ada parameter tertentu dalam menilai kemampuan bahasa Inggris, seperti halnya Australia, semua akan ditentukan melalui wawancara antara tenaga Kerja dan Pihak Pengguna.

Walaupun saat ini Kanada juga didera Krisis Ekonomi Dunia, sebagaimana semua negara di dunia, akan tetapi dampaknya tidak separah dengan Amerika. Permintaan akan Tenaga Kerja masih tinggi walaupun terkoreksi akibat krisis, terutama di daerah Vancouver - British Columbia yang akan menjadi tuan rumah Olimpiade Musim Dingin 2010. Industri yang sangat membutuhkan tenaga kerja diluar sektor kesehatan adalah sektor perhotelan, sektor konstruksi – pertambahan dan sektor transportasi termasuk didalamnya Sopir Truk dan Mekanik.

Bila anda berminat bekerja ke Kanada, belajarlah berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Inggris dan belajarlah untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan udara sangat dingin. Karena tantangan terbesar adalah bahasa dan menyesuaikan dengan udara yang sangat dingin. Mungkin dapat diadaptasikan terlebih dahulu dengan tidur dalam Kulkas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Business Trip Log - Vancouver Canada

10-14 December 2008
Still thick snow and minus 8 degree accompanied my trip from Toronto to Vancouver on 10 December 2008. The plane was delayed for about 1,5 hours, because the plane was cover with snow and frozen ice, and it was exciting experience to see the plane was washed by automatic machine such in car washing.
It took about 5,5 hours from Toronto to Vancover with Air Canada. Along the way i just saw snow cover the whole land of Canada, only miles before landing in Vancouver, there were green grass. The landing was very smooth, I think Air Canada has the best Pilot.
My first day was started with business lunch meeting with Indonesia Consulate General, Mr. Wibanarto, Acting Consulate and his deputy Mr. Ary Aprianto. We were discussing about Vancouver's potential in Placement and the business meeting arrangement for next day. The first day was closed with window shopping at Robson street, Vancouver's "Malioboro", but no like exact Malioboro, I think more similar with Orchard Road in Singapore or Rodeo Road in Hollywood, shopping center.
The second day in Vancouver was started in the afternoon with business meeting at Indonesia Consulate General with Jack Voykin, Canada Owner of Home Instead Senior Care, the biggest Elderly Care franchise with 800 Centers, accross 13 Countries in the world. It was potential meeting, with an offer to supply caregiver to Japan, USA, New Zealand, Australia and even Mexico.
After that accompanied by Mr. Ary Aprianto, Deputy of Economic Consular and Mr. Andrie J.Lolong, Economic staff, we drive to suburban of Vancouver, Burnaby, to Hilton Hotel, where the second and third meeting held. We held business meeting with Mr. Richard Singai, Indonesian who already becomes Canada Citizen, and the last meeting with Mr. Ramil Domaoan from Canada Agency who was recommended by Canada Association. Binamandiri received potential demand for hospitality industry such as, waitress, kitchen helper, housekeeping, laundry, and storekeeper.
Last day in Vancouver, was poured with ice rain when I went to Consulate for my last meeting. It was potential meeting with Mr. Swarn Sharma of Intercontinental Immigration with prospective offer to cooperate in training for preparation of Indonesia Nurses, so that they can obtain international certification.
I would like to give my biggest appreciation towards Indonesia Consulate General, Mr. Wibananto, Acting Consulate and his deputy Mr. Ary Aprianto, for its hospitality, and the arrangement of business meeting with prospective institutions. Hopefully Binamandiri can place qualified workers to Canada, as all parties hope.
Next trip after Canada is Australia, it will be long trip, approximately 25 hours, as it will pass 3 continents
Keep visiting our website. We will inform detail employement opportunity in Canada started on January 2009

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Binamandiri Open Placement to CANADA

My third day in Toronto started with thick snow and still at minus degree celcius. First trip was to Indonesia Consulate General in Toronto. I was greeted by Economic Consular, Mr. Harlan Hakim. We had received warm welcome and appreciation. Mr. Harlan said, that Binamandiri is the only Indonesia manpower who has the spirit to follow up the offer and hard working of Indonesia Embassy for intelengence market for Placement Opportunity. It was a pity that there was comunication error on our email correspondent, that surely Consulate can do more to connect Binamandiri with other prospective agencies and direct users. Anyway Mr. Harlan invited Binamandiri on January 2009, as Local Minister of Saskatchewan, Rob Noris, requires hundreds workers in various sector.

After visiting Indonesia Consulate General, Binamandiri continued meeting with Diamond Global Recruitment Ltd, and finally, Binamandiri can obtain DEMAND LETTER from Diamond Global Recruitment. For current work opportunity is Live-in Caregiver in this case is Nannies, and the requirements are :
  • Minimum Senior High School Graduate
  • Overseas Experience (preferable Hong Kong and Taiwan)
  • Excellent Engish
For detail procedure and everything else will be published in our website in the next 7 days. For those who are interested, check our website in a week time, but surely the salary is very high, it can reach minimum Gross Salary in a month of CAD 1.800 (or approximately Rp. 17 million per month). Other industry will come up soon in 2009 which is in Hotel and Restaurant Industry and surely construction and transportation industry. Keep checking our website for new updates

Binamandiri is very honoured to have a chance to cooperate with Diamond Global Recruitment, ethical and professional family own agency. Ms. Audrey, you have great staffs; Shauna, Benjamin, Susan, Vengie, Tanya, Minda and all others that I cant mention one by one, You all are EXCELLENT team work. Thank you for your hospitality during my visit to your office, I have a very great time and looking forward again to have lunch at Diamond Dining room, it was just like family.
I am looking forward for our next meeting which is the interview of our prospective candidates on early 2009.

My final day in Toronto before I fly to Vancouver was closed with pleasant dinner with my high school friend Mr. Adrian and his wife, Ms. Galuh who happen work in Consulate General. Thank you for the dinner and the ride to subway station. Looking forward to meet you again in the future

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Business Travel Log - Toronto Canada

7 - 10 December 2008

My first business trip in Toronto – Canada started with heavy snow shower and minus 8 degree Celsius. I took the public transportation from my hotel to meeting place. It was freezing outside waiting the bus for about 20 minutes.

The public transportation in Canada is well connected, and organized. It only cost CAD 2.75 all the way from bus to subway until meeting point, as long as the transportation mode is connected, we just have to pay once. Public Transportation in Toronto is not as clean as in Hong Kong or Singapore, and not fast too, but not as worst as public transportation in Jakarta or most Indonesia cities, probably because it was heavy snow, which made everything dirty.

Finally I met Ms.Audrey Guth, CEO of Diamond Global Recruitment (DGR). DGR is considered the best recruitment agency in Canada, which has been awarded as the best agency for five consecutive years in Canada. DGR is a family own company which already establish for 20 years similar with Binamandiri, and they serve mainly in Live-in Caregiver and just 2006, DGR also places workers under Foreign Temporary Worker (FTW) Scheme in other industries.
It was a very pleasant business meeting with Ms. Audrey Guth and her staffs. Binamandiri received big appreciation as the prospective agency to work with, while other Indonesia agencies either they lack of English capability; they don’t have website nor willing to be assessed by DGR. 
Binamandiri received potential demand from DGR especially for Nanny under Live-in Caregiver Scheme and also other industries under FTW Scheme, with approximately salary CAD 1100 per-month or Rp. 10 million, net salary and with possibility becoming Permanent Resident (PR) after two years. The main qualifications are GOOD ENGLISH, Related Work Experience and High School Graduate. ENGLISH will the big challenge for Binamandiri to catch up the prospective demands. It was excellent 3 hours meeting in Sheppard Center. 

After the meeting, I went to downtown to look around and feel the atmosphere of Toronto. Believe me it was freezing. So for advice to all prospective candidates, who wants to work in Canada, start training to stay in the freezer at your house.

My second day in Toronto was closed with hot shower and hot tea, to thaw my solid body

Toronto - Canada

Monday, December 8, 2008

BIENVENUE au Toronto - Canada

After 3 days transiting in Hong Kong, which mainly to process my Australia visa at Australia Consulate General in Hong Kong, I continued my business trip to Canada.

I took Air Canada’s new air fleet Boeing 777-200, from Hong Kong to Pearson International Airport Toronto – Canada. The flight took almost 15 hours, the longest flight ever. I asked for windows seat, and end up to get the seat at the end of the airplane, which most people will always avoid it because it worst seat where it comes to turbulence and landing. Windows seat, for me, is important, because I can see Canada from the sky prior to landing. It was very bumpy flight, especially at the back, just like ride roller coaster, as the pilot decided to re-route to arrive head of schedule.

I slept most of the journey, just to minimize jet lag effect and to be fit when arrive in Toronto. Time flew very fast, and Air Canada started to descend and prepare for landing. I saw from the windows, mix colors, white snow and grey from trees cover with snow, also city light of Toronto, just so beautiful.
It was excellent pilot of Air Canada, the landing was very smooth, no bump at all.
The flight attendance informed the passenger that the weather was clear and windy with MINUS 8 DEGREE, not just cold but EXTREMELY COLD.

I passed Custom and Immigration very smooth, very friendly officer, NICE. Just got surprised that, the bag cart, where all airports I experience are free bag cart, just grab and use, in Toronto, I have to pay CAD 2 or Rp. 18.000 per-cart, either you pay with coin or swipe your visa or master card. So if you new comer to Toronto, prepare CAD 2 or get your visa card ready.

I was waiting outside for the hotel shuttle bus; it was the first time I experience minus 8 degree. I could not stand more than 10 minutes outside the airport. My hands and ears were started to frozen and my brain was quite pain to stand from the cold. Anyway after 20 minutes waiting inside the terminal, my bus came and took me to the hotel.

I started my first day with hot shower, and prepared everything for tomorrow business meeting. When I set the TV on, it was actually MINUS 12 DEGREE, and it will warmer on Monday with possibility of snow shower 1 – 3 mm.

BIENVENUE AU TORONTO or Welcome to Toronto

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Business Meeting Trip - South Africa

Business Meeting Trip - South Africa
1 - 4 December 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Business Travel Log – South Africa

1 - 4 December 2008

After 26 hours in plane and transit in Hong Kong, finally Cathay Pacific made its final approach to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg –South Africa. From the airplane window, I saw all green area, savanna. 

Upon landed, My first thought that the airport is almost the same as other Africa airports, at least like Soekarno-Hatta (Soeta) Airport , but WOW, the airport is very big, clean, and 10 times better than Soeta Airport. At the airline bridge, Indonesia Embassy staff, Mr. Bharata was already waiting for me and arrange for the formal procedure with courtesy diplomatic channel, excellent service.

My feeling was not yet stopped to be amazed with what I was experience in South Africa. On the way to Mr. Asa’s house in Pretoria, Economic Consular, accompany also by Mr. Rully-Internship Diplomat, My first impression of South Africa was this is New Zealand in Africa Continent!! The difference is only there aren’t many cows and sheep such I see in New Zealand. South Africa has good infrastructure, wide road, clean environment, clean air, hilly area, vast savannah and discipline people; As far as we can see, just wide area of grass field.

Finally I reached Mr. Asa’s house, which located in Townhouse. Most of houses are arrange such as townhouse, an area with ten to twenty houses surrounding with wall with one entry gate and guarded, it is because although in South Africa, the crime rate quite high especially caused by migrate people from surrounding poor countries of South Africa but still consider the lowest in Africa Continent.

My first day in South Africa, was attending meeting with Mr. Alan Armitage in Jo-burg (terms for Johanesburg). From Pretoria to Jo-Burg took about 45 – 190 minutes depends on the traffic. South Africa also has high car accident rate, along the way from Pretoria to Jo-burg, I saw 5 car and truck accident, and made the road jam. South Africans are discipline society, although there were many traffic jam, they are patiently queue while Jakarta people already doing zigzag and hit the car horn as loud as possible.

Accompany by Mr. Rully and Mr. Kevin from the embassy, I was on schedule arriving at MDS Skill. The meeting was attended by Alan Armitage and Shaun Green from MDS Skill, and it was a pleasant meeting. MDS Skill provided very clear information about the opportunity to work in South Africa in detail with facilities, salary, etc. For current demand are 100 workers for steel fabrication. Currently many projects are undergo and related to steel fabrication especially to build and renovate many stadium for 2010 World Cup. SEE Lowongan Steel Fabrication for detail.
As the result of the meeting MDS Skill will go to Indonesia to assess Binamandiri and if the worker are ready, they will also conduct test of the applicants on January 2009 and with the time frame 6 to 8 weeks for placement to South Africa

After the meeting, I had the opportunity to look around in Jo-burg and have my late lunch at Mandela Center. In city center, Jo-burg it just like any other big cities in the world, probably minus the traffic jam. People are mixed; all colors are available, white, black, Indian, Arab, etc
The weather is great, not to hot, sunny, windy. On the rural are, where there are many slump. People live in poverty; beggar and seller on the street try to get some money, but still not as many as in Indonesia, and mostly came from surrounding poor countries. South Africa also has the highest rate of AIDS.  

Time goes by, and I had dinner with Mr. Asa, to the restaurant with beautiful view of South Africa in the night, just beautiful scenery of light.

Second day, I went to the Indonesia Embassy in Pretoria and had discussion with His Excellency Mr. Sugeng Rahardjo. His Excellency expressed his appreciation towards Binamandiri who is seemed the only company following up the result of the workshop in Bali. 
My trip continued to Big Five in Jo-burg. Big Five is the biggest contractor with the projects are spreading across Africa and Middle East. The meeting was attended by Jesse Dorosamy and Max Coen from Mining Division of Group Five. Unfortunately it was not success meeting. Group Five’s clients suffer from Global Crisis due to decreasing of commodity price thus made the projects are not feasible to be conducted. The current projects are either postponed or down sizing and future projects are cancelled. 
But I received relief support from Big Five, that the next workers when the projects started, it will come from Indonesia and Binamandiri, as appreciation of how serious Binamandiri in placement business. Hopefully if the economy getting better, 2nd quarter of 2009, some projects will be started.

From Big Five, I continued my trip to see the accommodation provided by MDS and the workshop that the workers will be working at. I was guided by Alan’s assistant. He explained briefly that the workers will have accommodation one bed and a locker with maximum 6 people in a room. They also get 3 times meal, free laundry service, free shuttle to work place and advance money for their pocket money which will be deducted from their salary while the rest will be directly transfer to Indonesia.
The workshop currently is handling various projects in South Africa and Middle East for steel fabrication. 

My last day in South Africa was closed with dinner at Montecito Casino with Mr. Asa and his family and Mr. Ali Hasan – Deputy Director of Indonesia Trade Office along with his family. 

It was very unfortunate that I have to shorten my stay in South Africa, there are still many places and issues to be explored. If it was not because Indonesia Department of Manpower – Overseas Cooperation Division screwing my passport and my Australia visa, surely I can stay until Saturday and continue my trip to Canada. Well I had to go to Hong Kong to apply my Australia visa at Australia Consulate General. 

Anyway, It was a very pleasant trip to South Africa. I would like to give my big appreciation to HE. Mr. Sugeng Rahardjo and Embassy of Indonesia for South Africa especially Mr. Asa Silalahi and his family and Ms. Jabu of South Africa Embassy in Jakarta, for excellent service provided. I hope that Binamandiri can success to place qualified workers as expected by many parties.

Overall, South Africa is opportunity for Indonesia workers to work, with minimum net salary USD 810, good enviroment, 1 month annual leave, good accomodation and food, health and insurance coverage, and relatively low placement fee. So if you are qualified and has skilled, join with us as your reliable partner in Global Workforces.

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Catatan Perjalanan Bisnis ke Afrika Selatan

1 – 4 Desember 2008

Setelah 26 jam lamanya duduk di pesawat dan sempat transit di HongKong, akhirnya pesawat Cathay Pacific mendarat di bandara internasional OR Tambo di Johannesburg – Afrika Selatan. Dari jendela pesawat, saya dapat melihat hamparan hijau dimana-mana, padang rumput Afrika!

Menjejakkan kaki di bandara internasional Tambo, yang pertama terlintas dipikiran saya adalah bandara ini pasti sama seperti bandara-bandara yang lain di Afrika Selatan, setidaknya tidak jauh beda dengan bandara Soekarno-Hatta (Soeta) di Jakarta, ternyata... WOW!!! Bandara ini sangat luas, bersih, da sepuluh kali lebih bagus dari bandara Soeta. Di anjungan kedatangan, staf kedubes Indonesia, bapak Bharata sudah menunggu kedatangan saya dan telah mengatur segala sesuatunya, benar-benar memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik.

Saya masih belum sepenuhnya percaya dengan apa yang sedang saya alami di Afrika Selatan. Dalam perjalanan menuju rumah bapak Asa di Pretoria, beliau adalah pejabat Ekonomi konsuler, saya juga bersama bapak Rully, pegawai magang dikantor diplomat. Kesan pertama saya terhadap Afrika Selatan adalah kota  “Selandia Baru”nya benua Afrika!! Yang membedakannya adalah tidak terdapat banyak sapi perah dan domba seperti yang saya pernah kunjungi di Selandia Baru. Afrika Selatan memiliki infrastruktur yang bagus, jalan raya yang lebar, lingkungan yang bersih, udara yang sejuk, daerah berbukit, padang rumput yang luas, dan penduduk yang displin. Sejauh mata memandang, yang terhampar didepan mata adalah lahan rumput yang luas.

Akhirnya setelah menempuh perjalanan, saya sampai juga dirumah bapak Asa, yang terletak di kawasan perumahan kota. Perumahan kota berisi sekitar sepuluh hingga dua puluh rumah yang terletak dalam satu kawasan, memiliki satu gerbang masuk dan mendapat penjagaan karena di Afrika Selatan angka kriminalitas cukup tinggi. Hal tersebut disebabkan oleh penduduk yang bermigrasi dari negara-negara miskin disekitar Afrika Selatan.

Hari pertama saya di Afrika Selatan, saya menghadiri pertemuan dengan bapak Alan Armitage di Jo-burg(sebutan untuk “Johannesburg”). Dari Pretoria ke Johannesburg membutuhkan waktu sekitar 40 sampai 190 menit tergantung pada padat tidaknya lalu lintas. Afrika Selatan juga memiliki angka kecelakaan yang cukup tinggi, seperti yang saya lihat selama perjalanan dari Pretoria ke Jo-burg, saya melihat lima kecelakaan melibatkan mobil dan truk, sehingga membuat jalanan macet. Warga Afrika Selatan merupakan masyarakat yang disiplin, walaupun banyak terjadi kemacetan, mereka dengan sabar mau menunggu sedangkan apabila dibandingkan dengan Jakarta, penduduk Jakarta akan langsung ambil jalur lain, memutar arah atau membunyikan klakson sekeras-kerasnya.

Bersama bapak Rully dan bapak Kevin dari kedutaan, saya dijadwalkan tiba di MDS Skill. Pertemuan ini juga dihadiri oleh Alan Amitage dan Shaun Green yang mewakili MDS Skill, dan pertemuan tersebut sangat berkesan. MDS Skill memberikan informasi yang lengkap dan jelas tentang kesempatan kerja di Afrika Selatan serta informasi mengenai fasilitas, gaji, dan lain sebagainya. Di Afrika Selatan saat ini membutuhkan kurang lebih 100 pekerja untuk bekerja dipembuatan besi baja. Saat ini banyak proyek pembuatan besi baja tengah dilakukan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan akan pembangunan dan renovasi stadion untuk piala dunia 2010. LIHAT LOWONGAN PEMBUATAN BESI BAJA UNTUK KETERANGAN LEBIH LANJUT.

Hasil dai pertemuan saya dengan MDS Skill ialah MDS Skill akan datang ke Indonesia untuk menilai Binamandiri dan apabila para pekerjanya siap, maka MDS Skill akan melakukan uji kesiapan dan kelayakan di bulan Januari 2009 dengan masa penempatan 6 hingga 8 minggu di Afrika Selatan.

Setelah pertemuan selesai, saya mempunyai cukup waktu untuk melihat-lihat Jo-burg dan berkesempatan makan siang di Mandela Center. Di pusat kota, Jo-burg seperti kota-kota besar lain di dunia, yang membedakan hanya tidak adanya kemacetan dijalan raya. Penduduk di Jo-burg bermacam -macam; beraneka ras kulit ada disini, ada kulit putih, hitam, orang India, Arab, dan lain-lain. Cuacanya menyenangkan, tidak terlalu panas, tidak terlalu banyak sinar mentari dan juga tidak terlalu berangin. Di pedesaan, terdapat banyak perumahan kumuh. Banyak orang hidup dalam kemiskinan; pengemis dan penjual yang kebanyakan berasal dari negara-negera miskin disekitar Afrika Selatan, mereka berkeliaran dijalan-jalan untuk mendapatkan uang, namun tidak sebanyak yang ada di Indonesia. Selain itu, Afrika Selatan juga memiliki angka penderita AIDS yang cukup tinggi. Waktu berlalu, dan saya habis makan malam dengan bapak Asa disebuah restoran yang menyuguhkan pemandangan Afrika Selatan di malam hari dengan kerlap kerlip lampu penerang kota.

Hari kedua, saya mengunjungi kantor kedubes Indonesia di Pretoria dan berkesempatan berdiskusi dengan yang terhormat bapak Sugeng Rahardjo. Beliau mengungkapkan penghargaan terhadap Binamandiri yang merupakan satu-satunya perusahaan yang menerapkan hasil lokakarya yang diselenggarakan di Bali.

Perjalanan saya lanjutkan ke kantor Big Five di Jo-burg. Big Five sebuah perusahaan kontraktor besar yang proyek-proyeknya tersebar di Afrika dan Timur Tengah. Pertemuan dengan Big Five juga dihadiri oleh Jesse Dorosamy dan Max Coen dari Divisi Pertambangan dari Group Five. Sayang sekali, pertemuan tersebut tidak menghasilkan titik temu bagi kedua belah pihak. Klien dari Group Five mengalami kesulitan ekonomi karena krisis global yang berimbas pada menurunnya harga komoditas sehingga tidak mudah melanjutkan proyek yang sudah ada. Proyek yang berjalan saat ini terpaksa ditunda atau dikurangi dan untuk proyek selanjutnya dengan berat hati harus dibatalkan.

Meski demikian, saya mendapat kebijakan dari Big Five, bahwa untuk proyek selanjutnya, mereka akan mengambil tenaga kerja dari Binamandiri, sebagai penghargaan untuk keseriusan Binamandiri dalam melakukan bisnis. Semoga apabila iklim ekonomi semakin membaik, dipertengahan 2009, proyek yang sama akan segera dilaksanakan.

Dari kantor Big Five, saya lanjutkan perjalanan untuk melihat akomodasi yang telah disediakan oleh pihak MDS dan juga bengkel tempat para pekerja akan bekerja. Saya dipandu oleh asisten bapak Alan. Beliau menjelaskan dengan singkat bahwa akomodasi para pekerja meliputi satu tempat tidur dan satu loker serta satu kamar berisi maksimal 6 orang. Mereka mendapatkan jatah makan sehari tiga kali, gratis fasilitas binatu, transportasi gratis menuju tempat kerja, serta uang muka dari uang saku yang akan dipotong dari gaji mereka sementara sisanya akan dikirim ke Indonesia. Bengkel tersebut untuk saat ini mengerjakan berbagai macam proyek di Afrika Selatan dan pembuatan besi baja untuk di Timur Tengah.

Hari terakhir saya di Afrika Selatan saya akhiri dengan makan malam di Montecito Casino bersama dengan bapak Asa sekeluarga serta bapak Ali Hasan sekeluarga, beliau adalah Deputi Direktur kantor Perdagangan Indonesia. Sangat disayangkan saya harus memperpendek waktu kunjungan saya di Afrika Selatan karena masih banyak tempat yang harus dikunjungi dan masih ada beberapa urusan yang harus saya selesaikan. Jika bukan gara-gara Departemen Tenaga Kerja Indonesia dan Divisi Koperasi Luar Negeri mempermasalahkan paspor dan visa Australia saya, saya  bisa tinggal di Afrika Selatan sampai hari Sabtu dan melanjutkan perjalanan saya ke Kanada. Dan akhirnya saya harus pergi ke HongKong untuk mengurusi visa Australia ke Konsulat Jenderal Australia di HongKong.

Meski demikian, kunjungan saya ke Afrika Selatan sangat berkesan sekali. Saya haturkan rasa terima kasih sebesar-besarnya untuk yang terhormat bapak Sugeng Rahardjo dan Kedutaan Besar Indonesia untuk Afrika Selatan, khususnya bapak Asa Silalahi sekeluarga, dan ibu Jabu dari Kedutaan Afrika Selatan di Jakarta, atas pelayanan terbaik yang telah disediakan untuk saya. Saya harap Binamandiri dapat memenuhi permintaan akan penempatan tenaga kerja seperti yang diharapkan oleh banyak pihak.

Sebagai penutup, negara Afrika Selatan merupakan potensi bagi tenaga kerja Indonesia, dengan gaji bersih minimum USD 800, lingkungan yang bersih, cuti tahunan selama 1 bulan, akomodasi untuk tempat tinggal dan makan, mendapat asuransi kesehatan dan kerja, dan rendahnya biaya penempatan. Jadi jika Anda cocok dengan kualifikasi kerja kami, bergabunglah bersama kami  karena kami adalah teman terpercaya Anda dalam bekerja diluar negeri.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

South Africa Condition

New Zealand TOEIC Test Result on November 29, 2008

1x Test TOEIC

Test Number
Dairy Skill 
Language Skill

2x Test TOEIC

No  Test Number Dairy Skill  Language Skill

Qualification Explanation :

GOOD - [eligible for further process for NZ Placement]
FAIR - [you still need improvement but eligible for further process for NZ Placement]
POOR -[Not Eligible for further Process, need more improvement, Suggestion : Take more dairy farm experience and try again after 3 (three) months from the last test ]
GOOD - [you are eligible to join English Course for NZ Placement ]
FAIR - [you Still need improvement but eligible to join English Course for NZ Placement]
POOR - [you are not Eligible to join the course, need more improvement, Suggestion : Need to improve your Basic English skill and try again to test with us after 1 (one) month from the last test]

NOTE. The test result does not GUARANTEE the applicant will work in New Zealand. It is simply reflecting your preliminary qualification. Your readiness and keenness on the Final Interview and Selection by New Zealand Employer will determine your acceptance to work in New Zealand.

For those who are qualified based on the test, we will inform you for further information about the English Course.

For those who still take the first test, we will inform you for the second test. Please be ready.

Oceania Division



Afrika Selatan adalah Negara berbentuk Republik dengan jumlah penduduk kurang lebih 49 juta orang dengan sekitar 6 juta orang adalah orang kulit putih dan mayoritas adalah penduduk orang kulit hitam yang tersebar di 9 propinsi. Kota terbesar adalah Johannesburg, Capetown dan tentunya Ibukota Afrika Selatan, Pretoria. 

Afrika Selatan adalah Negara bekas jajahan Belanda dan Inggris, dan termasuk sebagai salah satu Negara persemakmuran. Bahasa utama di Afrika Selatan adalah Bahasa Inggris dan Afrikaans, atau bahasa Belanda yang disederhanakan. Afrika Selatan merupakan Negara paling maju di belahan benua Afrika. Infrastruktur tertata dengan baik, modern dan lengkap. Afrika selatan terletak di belahan bumi selatan segaris lintang dengan Brisbane – Australia dengan suhu berkisar antara 10 – 30 derajat celcius, tidak terlalu berbeda dengan Indonesia. Tanah di Afrika Selatan terhampar padang rumput dan berbukit-bukit, sama dengan Selandia Baru, bahkan tidak berbeda jauh, yang membedakan hanya tidak ada sapi dan biri-biri seperi Selandia Baru. Adaptasi cuaca dan lingkungan bagi TKI tidak akan terlalu berat.

Karena bekas jajahan Inggris, masyarakat Afrika Selatan sangat tertib dan disiplin. Budaya antri adalah bagian dari hidup mereka, selain menjaga kebersihan, seperti gambar dibawah ini :

Walaupun hanya untuk naik mikrolet, dan nampak seperti penduduk kelas bawah, tetapi antri tetap menjadi budaya. Afrika Selatan walaupun memiliki infrastruktur bagus dan lengkap, akan tetapi transportasi umum sangat tidak mendukung, penduduk Afrika Selatan lebih disarankan memiliki mobil. Tingkat kecelakaan pun sangat tinggi, dan kemacetan adalah bagian dari keseharian. Kecelakaan umumnya dikarenakan kecelakaan beruntun karena berhenti mendadak, dan kemacetan dikarenakan kendaraan dengan tertib antri.

Afrika Selatan merupakan Negara yang serba bebas, dan berakibat pada tingginya penderita AIDS, merupakan Negara dengan AIDS terbesar di Afrika. Selain itu penduduk kulit hitam masih bersifat kesukuan dan patrialis, laki-laki menjadi penguasa.

Tingkat kejahatan termasuk terendah di Benua Afrika, akan tetapi tetap tinggi di dunia. Selain itu juga ada permasalahan rasisme terhadap pendatang kulit hitam dari Negara tetangga, yang seringkali meresahkan warga Afrika Selatan, dengan menjadi preman, pengemis, dan hal lainnya, disebut dengan Xanaphobia.

Afrika Selatan walaupun memiliki penduduk banyak, akan tetapi mayoritas tidak memiliki skill. Informasi dari pihak agensi maupun KBRI, tingkat pengangguran mencapai 40%. Tetapi melihat langsung di Afrika Selatan, tidak nampak seperti memiliki banyak pengangguran. Pengemis dan Kaki lima memang ada, tapi tidak semarak di Indonesia, dan itupun berasal dari Negara tetangga seperti Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana dan lainnya. Kemungkinan 40% adalah masyarakat yang digaji dibawah standard pengupahan, dikarenakan tidak cukup keahlian. Afrika Selatan sangat membutuhkan Tenaga Skill Worker dan saat ini umumnya pekerja asing terutama berasal dari India, beberapa berasal dari Thailand dan Filipina, untuk proyek konstruksi menyongsong Piala Dunia 2010 dan pertambangan yang merupakan perekonomian utama selain industri keamanan.

Rata-rata gaji di Afrika Selatan mencapai minimal USD 800 atau sekitar Rp. 10 jutaan (kurs USD 1 = Rp. 12.000), dengan makan dan akomodasi ditanggung oleh perusahaan. Biaya penempatan hampir sama dengan Malaysia, berkisar Rp. 6,5 juta. Bila anda memiliki keahlian dibidang pertambangan dan konstruksi lihat lowongan yang tersedia di situs kami.

Monday, December 1, 2008

TOEIC Test Result

Test Result on 27 November 2008

No Code Result No Code Result
1 C034 145 21 C015 210
2 C033 145 22 C032 210
3 C019 155 23 C028 220
4 C017 155 24 C007 225
5 C040 160 25 C029 225
6 C004 165 26 C003 240
7 C026 165 27 C036 240
8 C001 170 28 C008 245
9 C044 180 29 C005 250
10 C041 180 30 C030 250
11 C002 180 31 C009 255
12 C016 190 32 C013 255
13 C011 190 33 C018 260
14 C045 190 34 C020 260
15 C038 195 35 C023 285
16 C006 195 36 C021 285
17 C027 195 37 C035 290
18 C014 200 38 C012 310
19 C042 205 39 C022 320
20 C025 205 40 C037 380